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The hidden truth behind all review sites:


Sites like Yelp, Healthgrades, Google and others provide curated reviews for a fee. Their services charge up to $350 a month for creating and filtering reviews but do not check the credentials for the dentists listed or if they are a specialist or general dentist. If you look for our practice information on Yelp or Google, for example, you'll find that the majority of banners (6 out of 9 on Yelp for July 6, 2017) are for family dentists. We do not support or pay for any listings at this point.

Personal Disclaimer:

Dr. Mintzer likes Yelp to find restaurants when he travels outside of Santa Barbara.

HEALTHGRADE Patient Reviews (2)

-Michael Bangs | Jun 06, 2017
Roy is an amazingly friendly and thorough dentist. I also know he is well educated and takes his work very seriously. How many times have you gotten a call after oral surgery from your dentist? Roy does this every evening to make sure he/she is okay and to remind him/her to follow the instructions. He also has a great staff. I would easily give him 10 stars, if I could.

Goleta, CA | Mar 04, 2017
I have had two surgeries with Dr. Mintzer. The first was a crown lengthening that involved 6 front teeth. The second was an implant. Dr. Mintzer is not only a very capable dental surgeon, he is a very nice person. He takes time to explain procedures and alternatives and answer all questions. His medical and office staff is excellent, and it is obvious that they are a cohesive team.

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